naked marine corps soldiers
(WMV - MP4) New Recruit Chase is a 25 y/o Marine standing 6 feet and 175 pounds. This lean Marine was online, looking for some girls to come over to his barracks room to entertain him. He got in a little trouble, and was placed on what’s known in the Marine world as "Restriction", which is sort of like being sent to your room as punishment!
(WMV - MP4) His dick got the better of him; so he went online in search of pussy, but guess who he ended up with, ME!!! His bad behavior led to a loss in pay, so this is where I came in!!! So Chase needed some extra help with his bills, which I gladly helped him with – with a little more bad behavior of course!
(WMV - MP4) Hopefully he doesn’t get cited again, he might be back in on camera for some more! Chase was very reluctant about letting a "dude" mess with his dick, but as usual, common $en$e got the better of him.
(WMV - MP4) Lucky for me, since Chase has a nice solid 7.5 inch dick and I’m sure glad I was able to "help" him out !!!
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